Amsterdam with Kids in One Day

Amsterdam with Kids in One Day


Planning to visit Amsterdam with kids in one day? It can be done, you just have to be uneaten selective and promise the whole family, you’ll come again. Here’s what the kids will most want to see, do and eat in one day in the Dutch capital.

Since the two of us have once been to Amsterdam, we planned the visit equal to what we thought the kids might enjoy the most and here it goes.

The top 5 sights to visit in Amsterdam with kids in one day

Vincent Van Gogh Museum

It might not scream kids and ours didn’t chose it. I did. It was an opportunity to see some of the greatest works of art and it shouldn’t be missed. Young or old, it’s nonflexible not to like his paintings and I was right. The kids did enjoy them.

If you plan to visit make sure you buy tickets surpassing hand. Here’s where.

It’s good to know that the museum is self-ruling for kids, for all under 18.

Anne Frank House

If you have teenagers they’ll have heard well-nigh Anne Frank. Ours was reading her diary on our way to Amsterdam and was curious to visit the house.

Again typesetting ticket well in advance, as it can only be visited with a ticket bought online for a specific time slot. Here are more details.

The location of Hunterstreet

You probably won’t find this recommendation anywhere else. I wouldn’t have known well-nigh it either if I didn’t have kids. Well, my daughters loved the Nickelodeon TV-series Hunter Street, which takes place in Amsterdam.

If your kids are fans, this is where it can be found: Singel 140-142.

But alimony in mind you’ll only see the exterior. The show was not filmed inside of this house.

The Municipality Centre

All the canals, lovely streets, little shops, cafes … if you do nothing else, you have to walk virtually the municipality centre and get the finger of it.

You can moreover walk: to the Royal Palace, main square – Dam, the Oude Church, …

Albert Cuyp Market

I love markets and everywhere we go, we have to visit them and try the various foods. That’s the weightier part – all the variegated supplies and smells.

Also you have to visit the Albert Cuyp market to try the weightier Stroopwaffles.

According to Wikipedia this is is a thin, round waffle cookie made from two layers of sweet baked dough held together by caramel filling.

The weightier one is Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels. They are succulent as they are warm, crispy and gooey.

Amsterdam with kids in one day

Here are increasingly sights the kids might enjoy in Amsterdam

  • Nemo Museum – we didn’t visit this incredible science museum considering I was worried we’d want to stay there for hours and we wouldn’t see the rest of the city.
  • Canal Boat – we thought well-nigh doing it but in the end we just walked virtually the city.
  • Madame Toussads – needs no introduction.
  • A’Dam tower – it offers wondrous views of the municipality but it was just too far away.
  • The Amstelpark – a unconfined park for a much needed rest.

Where to eat in Amsterdam?

Again with a municipality like that, you only have to ask yourself what you’re in the mood for, chances are you’ll find it. Now the only downside is the price. It can be expensive.

We ate at a Wok to Walk, which is a tasty, user-friendly and affordable Asian restaurant, part of a larger chain. You’ll find a few virtually the city.

Since we love markets we moreover had a few bites there and a few waffles and ice surf in the municipality center.

Where to stay with kids in Amsterdam?

There are plenty of unconfined options. We traveled to the Dutch wanted by car and we opted to stay in the suburbs where it was easier to find a decent parking space and have wangle to public transportation. We ended up staying the Novotel Schipol hotel, which afforded us exactly that.

This is a user-friendly option if you victorious to Amsterdam by plan as it’s only a stop away. And no it’s not loud at all, you won’t hear a thing.

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