Monkeys All Around at Monkey Mountain in Austria

Monkeys All Around at Monkey Mountain in Austria


To wits something completely unique enter the Monkey Mountain in Austria park where over 180 Japanese macaques wonder virtually freely. This unforgettable visit will be a unconfined endangerment for kids and adults to learn increasingly well-nigh these animals in a fun way. Here’s what you need to know surpassing visiting Abbenteur Affenberg.

Nothing comes tropical to observing an unprepossessing in its natural habitat. But we all know that’s not unchangingly possible. Abbenteur Affenberg park came up with the next weightier thing.

They offer a endangerment to observe the Japanese macaques as they roam freely in a wide enclosure the size of 4 hectares.

This requite monkeys the space they need, while granting the visitors a sneak peak into their lives.

Here’s increasingly info on planning a visit.

Monkey Mountain in Austria

Planning a visit of the Monkey Mountain

The park is only unshut from April 1 until November 2. You are only unliable to visit the park with a guide and guided tours are offered from 9:30 am until 5:30 pm. Check the details at the official website.

The tours are in German and English.

The guide will start in German but will ask if there is anyone who would like the tour in English. We did and he was kind unbearable to alimony translating things to us throughout the tour.

Before the start of the tour the guide will explain all the rules considering withstand in mind these are wild animals and not pets. The main ones are:

  • don’t interfere in monkeys business.
  • Don’t squint them directly into their eyes.
  • Don’t touch them.
  • Don’t feed them.
  • Keep your belongings safely tucked away.
  • If you take photos, which you definitely will want to, alimony the camera/phone tropical to you or risk losing it.

How to get to the Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is located in Austria, next to the town of Villach. Enter Abbenteur Affenberg into your GPS and it will get you there.

Where to park at Abbenteur Affenberg?

You can momentum up to the big car park in front of the archway to the park. The parking financing 4,2 euros for the whole day. Or you can park in the valley for self-ruling and walk up the hill to the park.

How much are the tickets for Monkey Mountain?

For a family of four, that is 2 adults and 2 kids the forfeit is 38 euros. But it’s for a good cause. The park uses the money they get from the tickets to alimony it going, as they receive no other funds.

How much time do you need for a visit?

The tour lasts for well-nigh 45 minutes. You’ll want to come at least 10 minutes surpassing the start, to you make sure you don’t miss it. There’s moreover a nice playground in front of the archway and kids will definitely want to try it out.

I should moreover mention that you can go on as many tours as you want on the selected day.

Once you are at the park, you’re within a short loftiness to the ruins of the Landskron castle overlooking the Ossiach lake. It dates when to the 14th century but today people visit it to watch the eagles shows and demonstrations. So you might want to include that in your visit.

Our favourite thing well-nigh the Monkey Mountain

For me it was witnessing their strict hierarchy. For example the guide can only feed the start monkeys. If he were to condone this, all hell would unravel lose. The guide was very knowledgeable and shared the information in a fun way. We all paid attention, plane the youngest visitors.

Coolkidz say: it was watching the monkeys get to the food. The guide put some apples in special boxes and the monkeys had to icon out a system to get to it. And of undertow they did.

We all enjoyed watching them swim in the little strained pool.

If you like animals, you might enjoy visiting the zoo in Ljubljana.

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