The 90’s Brunch at The Meydan Hotel

The 90’s Brunch at The Meydan Hotel

Middle East

A rocking and energetic night brunch, this 90’s themed brunch is one you won’t want to miss, expressly if, like me, you are a child of that era. Every corner of the venue had some kind of 90’s memorabilia; huge Rubik’s Cubes, the Rolling Stones insignia, Pac Man, and all the other fun stuff I grew up with in the US.

There was moreover a tomfool selfie diner where themed selfies were stuff snapped in some wild and wacky 90’s accessories. Inside, the unprepossessed salads section had a live salads station where you could customize your own salad; as well as others—like pasta, shrimp cocktail to Cesar’s salad. Moving forward, a live scarification station with freshly made whinge brisket had the doughboy creating some divine barbequed whinge brisket sandwiches loaded with lots of extras like cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, plus jumbo freshly grilled hot dogs.

There were moreover small dishes like Shepherd pie, Chicken Kiev, freshly baked pizzas, and my favorite, traditional fish and fries in individual sized servings. Also, the live pasta cooking station where I had my fusilli with pink sauce, lots of cheese and mushrooms.

Also, there’s an unending supply of freshly created mocktails; we tried scrutinizingly all of them; their fruit punch, mint and lemon mojitos, and the sangria.

For me, the desserts are unchangingly the grand finale of any meal and here was no exception, with sustentation paid to the tiny details that made it so special. The pixie bites had tiny vinyl records made from colored sugar, the M&M fudge chocolate cake, the strawberry jelly panacotta, the strawberry Swiss roll, and my two favorites—English Battenberg confection and a luscious carrot cake. But that’s not all, there was a fully loaded snacks counter, well-constructed with popsicles.

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