Ensconsed in Nature. A review of Naturhotel Edelweiss Wagrain

Ensconsed in Nature. A review of Naturhotel Edelweiss Wagrain


We have spent an incredible weekend of unwinding in the Naturhotel Edelweiss, located in a picturesque town of Wagrain in Austria, 1200 m whilom the sea level. This family owned hotel treated us with cosy rooms, succulent local food, incredible views of the surrounding mountains, and lots of fun in Europe’s first Green Spa, which is heated with geothermal energy. Here are a few increasingly reasons to visit it, too.

Naturhotel Edelweiss Wagrain

January started with a plethora of new projects for all of us. Kids have plenty of studying, we have lots of work.

But somewhere withal the way I realised we were in a drastic need of a break.

I went in search of a place where the four of us could unwind, relax, regroup, … enjoy the fun January brings. It’s not just chores, there’s moreover snow. After I’ve washed-up a little research I found the perfect place – Naturhotel Edelweiss Wagrain.

5 reasons to stay at the Naturhotel Edelweiss Wagrain

    Location, location, location

    I was convinced we wanted to go to Naturehotel Edelweiss Wagrain the moment I saw it was ensconsed in the mountains, surrounded with woods of spruce trees and meadows. And I wasn’t disappointed. 1200 meters whilom the sea level, this hotel is secluded, quiet and cosy.

    A perfect place to observe the Nature from the warmth and repletion of the hotel and unwind.

    It is located in the very heart of one of the weightier skiing regions of Austria, Ski Amade and is only an hour yonder from Salzburg. Since I don’t ski, we chose this region for flipside reason – sledding, our favourite Winter sport – and in Wagrain you will find one of the longest sledding trails in Austria.

    Delicious local supplies

    For me cooking is stressful, so of undertow I jumped at the opportunity to let someone else do it for me. The hotel offerrs a 5-course menu, which we’ve enjoyed on our first evening. We had the endangerment to chose between 3 main courses and so (too) many other options.

    The meal was delicious, a fantastic twist of traditional Austrian and international cuisine.

    It was beautifully presented, and plane our two fussy eaters were convinced to try everything, and they liked most of it. Of undertow the dessert was the well-spoken winner.

    In the morning we indulged in one of the weightier hotel breakfasts. It had everything you’d expect from a storeroom breakfast, and much more.

    We loved that we could chose how we wanted our eggs to be made.

    The weightier thing well-nigh it? They use certified organic and local ingredients, which is unconfined for the region and for us. I am a firm parishioner that the weightier way to get to know a place, is to taste the unconfined treats it has to offer.

    The cosy, stylish room for a goodnight sleep

    I often don’t sleep well in hotels, it’s either too hot, too cold, there’s something wrong with the bed and I could go on. But the moment I stepped into our room at Naturhotel Edelweiss I felt relaxed.

    Hotel’s interior as well as the exterior is subtle, warm, with lots of wooden features, like wooden beams and furniture, light suntan and brown tones. It exudes luxurious comfort.

    And it’s so tranquil that it lulls you to sleep surpassing you know it.

    The Green Spa

    In the room waiting for us were two fluffy white robes and a lovely wooden basket filled with towels. My oldest immidiately confiscated my robe, and surpassing we were worldly-wise to unpack we had to throne to the hotel’s spa.

    The Green Spa was awarded with an outstanding ribbon by the Relax Guide Spa Ribbon and with the Austrian Eco label. The spa requires only 25% of the energy that a comparable spa would need.

    I’ve come to realize that the owners are strongly focused on environmental sustainability.

    The Green Spa was the place I didn’t want to leave, warm and peacful. I did my laps leisurly with a scenery of snowy mountains. I wished we had increasingly time, considering I didn’t get the endangerment to try out the sauna and the steam suffuse they moreover offer.

    Never mind, we’ll have to come again. In the Summer so we can moreover take a dip at the hotel’s very own swimming that is fed with the mountain spring water.

    Naturhotel Edelweiss is unconfined for kids

    This hotel has achieved a remarkable thing, despite the many children guests it remined a peacful oasis. Perhaps everything I’ve mentioned helps kids unwind, too. Our daughters certainly did.

    Younger kids get to enjoy their very own swimming pool, the Green Spa (if they are younger than 12 from from 2.30 to 4.30 pm), 2 teriffic playrooms – one for youngsters (with a Lego corner) and the other for teens with items such as the Playstation, table football, billiards etc. We moreover spoted an outdoor playground, but it was covered with snow. Flipside good reason to come again.

    Read increasingly well-nigh the hotel at their official website and typesetting yourself a stay.

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