Taylor Swift's Father Escapes Charge Over Alleged Australia Assault

Taylor Swift's Father Escapes Charge Over Alleged Australia Assault


Taylor's Swift's dad won't be charged over allegations he attacked a paparazzo in Australia. Ben McDonald, 51, told police Scott Quick, 72, struck him in the face on a Sydney wharf on 27 February. He didn't require clinical assistance.

A representative for Swift at the time said two individuals had been acting forcefully towards the megastar. Following an extended examination, New South Ridges police on Tuesday said no further move would be made. The showdown occurred after Mr Quick and his girl landed from a yacht, in the hours after her last Times Visit show in Sydney.

Taylor Swift's father escapes charge over alleged Australia assault

A video distributed by Australian media shows the vocalist, who is covered underneath an umbrella, strolling with her dad and safety officers along Nonpartisan Sound Wharf at around 02:30 nearby time (15:30 GMT).

Cameras streak before two voices - answered to be a picture taker and a watchman - blame each other for contacting umbrellas. It is hazy whether the recording catches the supposed episode.

Mr McDonald recently told the Planet World News Swift's was at that point inside a vehicle when Mr Quick "charged in" and went after him without incitement. I've been doing this for a very long time and I haven't been in a circumstance where somebody's hit me in the chops," he said.

Taylor Swift's Dad Scott Escapes Charges After Assault of Paparazzi

In any case, the vocalist's delegate said: Two people were forcefully pushing their direction towards Taylor, snatching at her security faculty, and taking steps to toss a female staff part into the water.

Known as "Daddy Quick" by fanatics of the pop symbol, Mr Quick has been going with his girl on her worldwide Periods Visit and left the country soon after the episode.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What did Taylor Swift dad do?

Taylor Quick's dad Scott Quick blamed for attacking Australian photographic artist - The Washington Post.

Are Taylor Swift's parents together?

They don't appear to be separated. The two of them have all the earmarks of being particularly separated of Taylor Quick's life and profession in her new narrative "Miss History of the U.S". They gave off an impression of being a hitched couple. Andrea Quick, Taylor's mom, is doing combating disease.

What happened to Taylor Swift parents?

I've needed to figure out how to deal with difficult disease in my family," she composed. "Both of my folks have had disease, and my mother is presently taking on her conflict with it once more. Taylor Swift uncovered that her mom was fighting malignant growth in 2015, of course in 2019, however she didn't share the sort of the malignant growth.

Does Taylor Swift get along with her father?

The pop star has a cozy relationship with her mother and father, who were in the group all things considered shows of her Periods visit in 2023. The pleased guardians likewise went with Taylor to her beau Travis Kelce's football match-up on Christmas Day 2023.