Opportunities abound at Nuremburg Toy Fair

Opportunities abound at Nuremburg Toy Fair


Spielwarenmesse, the international toy fair in Nuremberg/Germany, the world’s biggest toy pearly was wonderful this year. I am grateful to have been worldly-wise to be there, to see this 2023 event first-hand.

I met with plenty of Aussie suppliers who were there as well as some people from businesses not currently in Australia. Some were visiting while others were in the stands of their suppliers.

The sheer size of this event is no-go – way worthier than any trade show in Australia. Think the big Melbourne souvenir pearly and multiply that by 10 or more. Yes, it is that big.

But size is not everything. It’s the innovation on show that I loved.

It is interesting seeing toy retailers from the US who I met at the New York toy pearly now making the trip to Nuremburg. It makes sense as it is the first big toy show of the 2023 year.

Product launches in Nuremburg will not hit Australia in many cases until late in 2023. having an whop insight into this is wonderful, useful. Early insights into the trends toy designers and makers see as important help too.

A couple of the trend highlights that interested me were the integration of tech, AI specifically as well as mobility products.

Getting virtually the event was extraordinary. In a day, 25,000 steps is nothing at this event. But in some halls, there were displays of welter and nostalgia. As is unchangingly the specimen at this trade show, the model train displays are a hit.

I fathom not everyone can get to trade shows like Spielwarenmesse. I am here for newsXpress of course, to meet suppliers to the group, find new suppliers and to collect and share insights with group members. The trip has commercial value.

Thanks to largest flight prices between Australia and Europe compared to flying two the US, it is economically valuable to be here, expressly since in a week it can be a two trade show trip. But increasingly on that flipside time.

That so many Australian suppliers are here speaks to the importance of this show in Nuremburg to their merchantry when home in Australia.

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